Oils and Lubricants Products February 2008

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IMT SiteStar Enclosed Lube Truck

The enclosed SiteStar comes in a 17- or 13-ft. body, and is designed to shield product tanks and personnel from elements when doing lube services in the field.

  • More than 260 interchangeable tank configurations available
  • Polyethylene product tanks provide an 80% reduction in tank weight, cleaner storage, easier tank replacement and contamination control
  • Fuel tank can be easily installed ahead of the main platform

Rypos Diesel Engine Filter

The HDPF/CT diesel engine filter has been shown to reduce soot by 93% and nitrogen dioxide by 96%, while scrubbing particulates from the exhaust.

  • Traps soot in a sintered metal mesh
  • Filter elements cleaned by application of an electric current that heats the metal
  • Automatically regenerates, reducing pollution, fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Designed for OEM manufacture or retrofit to 134.1- (100 kW) to 2,682-bhp (2 MW) engines

ConocoPhillips Triton Synthetic Gear Lube

Triton Synthetic Gear Lube 75W90 and 80W140 are certified to meet the latest Dana SHAES 256 Rev C specification for extended drain gear oils.

  • Approved for 500,000-mile drain service in Dana heavy-duty final drive axles
  • Meets O-76 N (75W90) and O-76B (80W140) for 500,000-mile drain service in ArvinMeritor heavy-duty axles
  • Mack GO-J Plus (75W90) approval for extended drain service in Mack axles

Sage Oil Vac 11126 Lube Trailer

The 11126 lube trailer features a patented vacuum and pressure system with no pumps required.

  • One 120-gal. used product tank and five fresh fluid tanks with 360-gal. capacity
  • Reel cabinet with 25-ft. spring retractable hose reels
  • 8-hp onboard air compressor

Baldwin Channel Flow Air Filters

Channel Flow air filters incorporate a flat, corrugated media that is inherently strong, eliminating the need for a centertube and metal wrappers.

  • Durable frame encloses media pack, protecting it from damage and preventing air from being drawn in through the sides
  • Stronger media support protects against increases in differential pressure
  • Non-metal filter element for more environmentally friendly disposal

Shell Malleus GL Grease

Shell Malleus GL and Malleus OGM are designed for the lubrication and protection of open gears and wire ropes subjected to extreme load and temperatures.

  • Contain EP (extreme pressure) chemistry and a combination of solid additives to enhance load-carrying capability
  • Lead- and solvent-free Malleus GL can be used as a multi-service lubricant for the entire machine
  • Lead-free Malleus GGM medium contains a solvent to enhance pumpability for extreme ambient climate conditions

Chevron Extended Life Coolants

The enhanced Delo and Texaco Extended Life Coolants provide protection for the life of the average heavy-duty engine cooling system.

  • New formulation protects cooling systems of on-road vehicles for eight years or 750,000 miles and off-road vehicles for 15,000 hours without the use of chemical additives or extenders
  • Formulated to provide enhanced heat transfer capabilities, reduced electrical conductivity and improved corrosion protection
  • Suitable for engines using EGR or ACERT technology

Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus

This high-performance, anti-wear hydraulic fluid offers greater hydraulic stability to protect hydraulic systems from the harmful effects of water contamination.

  • Formulated with up to 50% more performance additives
  • Delivers a higher margin of safety and provides optimal deposit control

Clean Burn Energy Systems

Clean Burn furnaces and boilers transform used oil into free heat.

  • Used oil coil tube boilers recycle used oil into hot water technology
  • Used oil furnaces available in low-profile versions for areas with limited ceiling heights, and large-volume versions to provide high-volume heating capacity
  • Self-contained used oil recycling center works in tandem with used oil furnaces and has a 250-gal. storage tank

Donaldson Filter Cart

Donaldson’s filter cart offers a convenient solution for off-line filtration, flushing and fluid transfer.

  • Two in-series pressure filters remove coarse/fine particulate matter
  • Water-absorbing element may be installed to further remove particulate matter and water
  • 1-hp motor coupled with a 10-gpm pump for efficient fluid transfer and filtration
  • Safety relief valve prevents over pressurizing and damage to pump, hoses and filters
  • Overload protection switch prevents overheating
  • Rugged, durable frame

Masterlink Oil Buddy II

The spill-proof Oil Buddy II oil spout allows for easy refilling of fluids in construction vehicles and equipment.

  • Spring-loaded, automatic on/off valve designed to eliminate spills and extra cleaning
  • Available in two colors to differentiate between fluids
  • Fits standard 4- to 6-qt. containers and 4-liter/1-gal. antifreeze coolant and windshield wash bottles

New Pig PIG Drum Filling Shelf

The PIG drum filling shelf allows fluid dispensing containers to be positioned in close proximity to drum pumps to reduce the risks of spills and drips.

  • Adjustable steel strap brackets attach securely to drum and accommodate various container sizes, weights and configurations
  • Ribbed top can capture and retain up to 32 oz. of liquid
  • Chemical-resistant, easy to clean polyethylene construction