Duraline Rubber Track Pads

Duraline rubber pads protect road surfaces and cause minimal damage to a work area with heavy-duty hard rubber compound bonded to a steel core.

Bolt on
Bolt on
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Summit Supply's Duraline rubber track pads are available in bolt on, clip on, roadliner and bolt hook options.

  • Heavy-duty hard rubber compound bonded to a steel core
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Available in 200-900 millimeters
  • Bolt-on pads attach to grouser plates using threaded studs installed through pre-drilled holes in the grouser plate
  • Clip-on pads attach directly to steel grouser shoe using a slip-on clamp at one end and a bolt-on bracket at the other end
  • Roadliner pads increase stability on slippery surfaces; attach directly to the chain using threaded studs
  • Bolt hook pads combine benefits of bolt-on and clip-on pads; clips and bolts on steel grouser shoe


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