Multi-purpose Ground King Tire

Nokian's Ground King tire combines lug and block patterns creating better grip on soft surfaces as well as on-road characteristics

Nokian King Tire
Nokian Tyres Asphalt Rgb

The Nokian Ground King tire includes the Hybrilug technology, which combines the best features of lug and block patterns for all-terrain mobility and traction combined with a high level of comfort and precise handling response on road.

  • Combines on-road endurance, traction and grip on soft terrain
  • Features specially aligned pattern elements and more tread compound
  • High-grade, wear-resistant tread compound offers extended ground contact area, enabling more operating hours even in extensive on-road use.
  • High load bearing capacity enables the use of heavy work implements and high loads
  • Includes self-cleaning abilities
  • Provides all-round performance for a variety of seasonal work

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