Advancing Water and Debris Removal

Manufacturers focus on the future with pump designs.

Pumps are critical for many construction, utility and municipal applications. As such, pump manufacturers are continually making enhancements to their product lines to offer a variety of benefits. We've asked several leading suppliers to highlight their product lines and provide a brief summary of the newest technologies.

What types of pump products do you offer for construction and other heavy-duty applications?

Godwin: Our flagship automatic priming, centrifugal Dri-Prime pump is capable of flows to 13,500 gpm, heads to 615 ft. and solids handling to 5 in. in diameter. Available in sizes from 2 to 24 in., these pumps provide suction lift capability to 28 ft. and continuous uninterrupted operation, even during intermittent dry suction conditions.

Our Sub-Prime electric and Heidra hydraulic submersible pumps are available from .5 to 90 hp in dewatering and trash-handling models. The line is designed for sewer bypass pumping jobs requiring a suction lift greater than 28 ft. These hydraulically driven submersible pumps are available in 3- to 12-in. sizes and are built for moving sludge and solids-laden fluid.

Gorman-Rupp: We offer self-priming centrifugal solids-handling and high-head pumps (electric and motor driven); priming-assisted centrifugal solids-handling and high-head pumps (electric and motor driven); and dewatering and solids-handling submersible pumps (electric and hydraulic).

Griffin Pump & Equipment: Griffin manufactures non-clog pumps with large clean-out ports for high flow required by large sewer bypass pumping applications. Our silent pumps for low-noise environments produce only 70 dB at 23 ft. Our electric submersible pumps feature stainless steel motor housings, impellers and impeller casings to quickly remove water from confined work areas.

Our high-pressure, high-flow, high-head capacity jet pumps are now available with Tier III engines for better performance and reduced emissions. They are capable of delivering flow over 1,400 gpm and head conditions up to 900 ft.

ITT Flygt: We offer heavy-duty portable electric submersible pumps that can withstand the severe demands of construction sites and mine dewatering. In addition, we furnish a complete range of submersible wastewater and slurry pumps and axial flow propeller pumps, as well as mixers, monitoring and control systems and SCADA devices.

Thompson Pump: We sell and rent heavy-duty portable pumps ranging in size from 2 to 18 in. for use in public works, municipalities, construction, agriculture, dewatering, mining, sewer/lift stations and water/wastewater.

We engineer wet prime trash pumps; dry prime trash pumps with compressor- or vacuum-assisted priming systems; sound-attenuated pumps; utility trash pumps; diaphragm pumps; hydraulic power units with submersible pump ends; rotary, vacuum and piston wellpoint pumps; and high-pressure jet pumps.

We also offer accessory hoses and piping, as well as engineering services and special applications consulting for wellpoint, bypass or multiple pump systems.

What are the most recent advances that have been incorporated into your pump designs to maximize pumping efficiency and/or accommodate jobsite conditions/requirements? What are the benefits to end users?

Godwin: Our rental business generates feedback that allows us to consistently refine designs and materials.

Our HL Series extreme high-head pumps with single-stage impellers have benefited from this vertically integrated relationship. Contractors can now use our HL pumps, which are capable of heads to 615 ft. and flows of 2,500 gpm, to jet in piles for bridge construction. One impeller means there are fewer parts to maintain or wear out compared to the previous multi-stage pumps used for pile jetting.

We have also begun utilizing GPS and telemetry in our Dri-Prime pumps through our PrimeGuard Controller. Pump operators can remotely monitor pump performance and operation via the use of an external communication port. Fully programmable controls start and stop the pump with no operator intervention required.

Other maintenance and cost-saving features include service reminders, event history, real-time response to changing pressure transducer signals and a safety shutdown system.

Gorman-Rupp: We have incorporated austempered ductile iron materials with a Brinnell hardness of 400 for wear parts such as the impeller, wear plates and seal plates. This material is designed to be used with abrasives such as sand and grit that is often common in construction applications.

In addition, a vortex version of our 3-in. priming-assisted centrifugal pump features a "staggerwing" impeller design to improve efficiency and allow the pump to handle solids and operate at lower flows.

We have also transitioned the design of all engine-driven pump units to incorporate Tier III engines to meet EPA regulations on engine emissions and fuel consumption.

Griffin Pump & Equipment: Our non-clog pumps feature a non-clog impeller and a large clean-out port for hassle-free removal of debris over 4.5 in. This allows for single-person operation, easy inspection/cleaning and simple removal without separating the pump from the suction pipe. The operation can be performed in less than five minutes by one operator.

Our wickpoint system is a "greener" 21st century version of the classic 75-year-old dewatering method known as the wellpoint system. New wickpoints with geo-textile filter screening can produce a more efficient and economical dewatering system that produces cleaner discharge water and reduces or eliminates subsidence and settlement problems.

Excavations with perimeters of up to 1,400 ft. using properly sized wickpoint systems can be handled with less than 10-hp single-phase electric pumping systems to reduce dewatering costs. Using inert materials can offer the option of converting temporary dewatering into a permanent system.

New "green" pumping systems are also in development, including dewatering systems powered by solar panels and other alternative energy sources. Currently, we offer electric-powered pumps and pumps with Tier III engines.

ITT Flygt: The 2600 Series pump line offers the latest generation of dewatering pumps. It features a Plug-In Seal, which incorporates two mechanical seals for double protection against liquid penetration. It enables faster, simpler replacement and protects seal surfaces during disassembly and mounting.

Our Spin-Out design protects the outer seal and extends service life by expelling abrasive particles from the seal, while an optional clog-resistant, high-chrome impeller minimizes clogging when pumping abrasive water containing large, soft particles.

A single-adjustment screw enables fast, easy impeller adjustment for optimal performance over a sustained period of time. The Dura-Spin hydraulic system offers spiral grooves on the suction cover. In combination with back vanes on the impeller, it provides greatly increased durability by preventing abrasive particles from reaching the impeller neck.

Thompson Pump: In the past year, we have made developments and improvements in many areas including quicker start-up priming, larger solids-handling capabilities, higher flow and head capabilities and improved abrasion resistance. We have enhanced the ability to operate in "snore" conditions where pumping rate fluctuates, as well as the ability to run dry indefinitely.

We now offer natural gas-powered pumps, and have improved pump enclosures and accessibility for maintenance, while reducing noise and improving pump efficiency and fuel savings. An easy-to-assemble drop-over canopy can now be added to pump units in the field.

Our pumps are easier to use with improved control panels and enhanced telemetry (SCADA). Long-running fuel tanks require less attention. Our compact pump unit offers increased performance and durability with extremely robust reliability to handle the same flows as comparable pumps but in a smaller size.

Improved application versatility gives contractors the ability to handle various liquids. An eco-friendly, oil-less vacuum pump provides 100% oil-free suction and discharge, and our hydraulic pump features biodegradable hydraulic fluid made of nontoxic vegetable-based fluid.