Recycle Your Concrete Trash into Cash

A contractor utilizes a Multiquip EZ Grout Hog Crusher to eliminate concrete disposal costs.

Multiquip's EZ Grout Hog jobsite material recycler crushes concrete for Tanner Excavating.
Multiquip's EZ Grout Hog jobsite material recycler crushes concrete for Tanner Excavating.

Pat Tanner, owner of Tanner Excavating, encountered a dilemma when removing excessive concrete waste from his company's job sites. Tanner was charged $10 per yard of construction trash at the local land fill, in addition to the cost of transporting the debris from the site to the landfill. He soon realized this was not a cost-effective way to run a business.

Tanner began transporting the debris to his farm, where he had plans to eventually dispose of it. In less than 12 months, the excessive concrete waste on Tanner's property quickly grew from a small pile, to approximately 200 feet long by 25 feet wide and 10 feet tall.

After researching various solutions, Tanner read about Multiquip's EZ Grout Hog Crusher online. Multiquip quickly arranged for a demonstration at Tanner's farm through its local dealer, Michigan CAT.

The EZ Grout Hog Crusher was able to compress large slabs and chunks of concrete, with the assistance of a mini-excavator, into a useable grade of fill. Within two hours, Tanner had approximately 12,000 lbs. of useable fill that he could now sell.

"In Michigan you are not permitted to create a dump site or landfill on your property; however storing for rescaling is allowed. As an owner of the EZ Grout Hog Crusher, I am in compliance with all of the disposal laws," said Tanner. "I have literally turned my trash into cash, contributing to our company's bottom line."

The EZ Grout Hog Crusher Job Site Material Recycler was capable of pulverizing recyclable material in minutes, thus eliminating the need to have debris removed from Tanner's various construction job sites. It also was capable of handling materials of differing sizes and composed of varying strengths of concrete.

The EZ Grout Hog Crusher provided a cost-effective, reliable and durable product that helped excavators perform their job faster and easier. It has also saved tens of thousands of dollars annually to Tanner Excavating from expensive disposal costs.

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