Model 4500XL

Model4500xl 10093116
Cherrington 10950450

In the Model 4500XL, Cherrington uses the latest engineering technology to combine its new hydraulic drive method and innovative screen mount design in an extremely effective and productive sand-screening Beachcleaner. This hydraulically powered screen, on a tractor towable frame, produces an intense elliptical motion to the fixed, non-rotating sifting screen. The screen oscillation movement is adjustable for fast and precise screening of all types of beach sand up to 6 in. deep. With only three bearings on the entire machine, this is an exceptionally well-designed Beachcleaner for low maintenance and very long life. Carbide glide pucks on the steel loading bars also offer long life and quiet operation. Cherrington Beachcleaners deep clean and sanitize beaches while exposing the sand to the sun's purifying rays to help reduce the growth of e-coli and other harmful bacteria.

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