Hanson Pipe & Precast Contributes to UT Southwestern Medical Center LEED Certification

Hanson provides medical center with sustainable products and design.

IRVING, TEXAS - Hanson Pipe & Precast recently partnered with Dallas-based UT Southwestern Medical Center, that was pursuing LEED certification on its latest project, to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly design for the UT Southwestern Medical Center Phase 5.

Engineers at Halff and Associates in Dallas designed an underground detention system to collect rainwater runoff and use the captured water for the area's sprinkler systems. Hanson Pipe & Precast's Grand Prairie, Texas, facility provided a series of in-line box culverts for an efficient system designed to accommodate the limited space and flotation risks at the site, and to provide ease of installation for the contractor, Wright Construction.

"Working with Hanson, we were able to achieve efficient, intelligent and sustainable design with this project," said John Kolb, Wright Construction. "Hanson's product was most cost effective and provided us with easier installation than similar products on the market," said John Kolb, Wright Construction.

This use of box culverts, one of Hanson's most commonly made products, reduces the need for potable water to be used outdoors and contributes to earning credits for the LEED certification process. In addition, the products were supplied by a local Hanson facility and partially made with recycled materials - both of which help the owner achieve their LEED goals.

"With the rise in LEED certified projects, our customers can trust the use of our high quality, reliable products they have purchased for years to meet this new project criteria, that benefit generations to come," said Richard Manning, President of Hanson Building Products.