Liugong North America Ends 2013 with Record Breaking Profitable Year

A record fourth quarter made 2013 the most profitable year for Liugong's North American market; company received record number of orders going into Q1 2014

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LiuGong North America closed the year with a record-breaking month in December in the North American market. This achievement brought about a record 4th quarter for the company making 2013 the most profitable year with four consecutive profitable quarters since North American operations began in 2008.

Going into 2014, LiuGong is maintaining a positive outlook as it has received a record number of orders going into Q1 2014. LiuGong North America attributes its growing market share growth to several aspects including dealer education of the product line, several key internal new hires during 2013, including parts management, service management, marketing and the acquisition of Dressta North America.

“We combined three separate entities in 2013-LiuGong CE (Construction Equipment); Dressta North America; and LiuGong FL (Forklifts)-all of which had not been profitable as separate entities. Through capitalizing on economies of scale, training of cross functional teams, increased hiring of industry professionals, and an expanding dealer network, LiuGong North America was not only profitable for the year, but profitable for every quarter,” said Marc Dowdell, President of LiuGong North America.