WM 1000 Cement Slurry Mixer

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The WM 1000 is a mobile slurry mixer for dust-free addition of lime or cement for the cold road recycling process.

  • Production of slurry is controlled automatically by a microprocessor system; then the water-additive slurry is pumped or injected continuously to a coupled, downstream cold recycler or stabilizer, such as Wirtgen's WR 4200, in accordance with the stabilizer's rate of advance
  • When coupled to a Wirtgen road reclaimer/recycler, unit provides an accurately controlled, economical, dust-free means of stabilizing bases with slurry
  • The slurry mixer is designed in the form of a container body for mounting on specialized five-axle heavy-duty trailers and includes generously dimensioned tanks for water and cement
  • Supply of material to the slurry mixer is controlled in accordance with predetermined ratios by a microprocessor controller
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