Vermeer Boosts D24x40 S3 Drill Power 17%

More thrust and pullback, rotational torque combined with faster carriage and rotational speeds aim to improve bore productivity

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Vermeer Standard Lockup 2clr Flat

Vermeer raised the thrust and pullback force of the D24x40 S3 directional drill 17% to 28,000 lb., and added 5% more rotational torque to 4,200 ft.-lb. Vermeer claims carriage speed increased to 240 feet per minute is 20% more than the closest competitor. Drill rotational speed  is also increased, to 253 rpm. Sound level 

  • Significant sound reduction to 104 dBA (previous model: 116 dBA)
  • Common controls with other Vermeer S3 drills
  • DigiTrak Aurora interactive, full-color touch-screen display
  • Real-time location information, bore plans and more
  • Redesigned, climate-controlled cab allows operators better visibility, legroom
  • 125-hp, liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel John Deere 4045 4.5L Tier 4 engine

[VIDEO]Hear the Hush with Vermeer's Quiet New S3 Series Directional Drills

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