McLaughlin Steerable Rock System

The SRS with a steerable head is designed to navigate solid rock and difficult rock conditions

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The Steerable Rock System (SRS) is the auger boring market’s first steerable head designed to navigate solid rock and difficult fractured rock conditions. 

  • Engineered to operate in rock up to 25,000 psi
  • Allows operators to maneuver auger boring machines even in the toughest ground conditions
  • Half-open-faced design allows fractured rock to be pulled into the cutting head where it is crushed or swallowed
  • System of disc cutters and rock picks works to navigate varying rock conditions
  • Full-rotational turntable with automatic grease system
  • Includes four hydraulically actuated steering flaps, a built-in water level and two halogen lights in the self-contained control station to indicate lateral steering head movements 
  • Compatible with any make or model of auger boring machine that has the necessary torque requirements
  • Available in 36- to 60-in. sizes
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