Colorado's Bold New Image in HDD Directional Boring

Integrating high tech innovation and old school grit to achieve legendary results.

MYTH LLC’s team proactively implements the latest technology to consistently upgrade tried-and -true methods and strive to achieve efficiencies that have not previously existed in our Industry.

Our team’s diverse collective background and experience ranges from “Drone” Industry pioneering to decades of HDD Directional Boring, Pipeline/Utility installation and Maintenance internationally.

“When people see our logo on our Equipment and Safety Gear in the field or driving through town, they never forget it and are naturally compelled to learn who we are and what we do.”

“THEY DO EXIST!” “I THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST A MYTH”! We enjoy the fun “Word Play” and interactions with customers while striving to offer “Legendary Service” at an “Unbelievable Value! When you do great work, at great value, you earn more work and your reputation will precede you,” says owner Joshua Lloyd.

If you demand excellence on every job and expect your contractors to set the best example and pace possible, then you are the ideal customer of Myth.