UtiliGuard 2 Locating System

Subsite Electronics' UtiliGuard 2 is a multi-frequency utility locator featuring an all-new user interface, integrated data capture, and GPS positioning

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Subsite Electronics' UtiliGuard 2 Location System is a utility locator that features integrated data capture and GPS positioning.

  • Standard and Advanced models
  • User interface with simplified graphics
  • Automatically captures data to be used to verify operator performance, quality and process compliance in the field
  • Use data to track performance, compare it with benchmarks and enable actionable outcomes
  • GPS positioning for improved activity reporting
  • Advanced model features Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM) technology that automatically recommends the best signal frequency
  • Advance model offers 5-watt or 12-watt transmitter and produces horizontal and vertical distance (depth) to the utility
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