Vactor HXX HydroExcavator

Provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with onboard water

Vactor HXX Peterbilt chassis 55d8c7eb00f86

The HXX HydroExcavator features a 3,000-psi variable water multi-flow pump and DigRight technology with a user-selectable maximum water pressure setting.

  • Includes 1,500-, 2,500- and 3,000-psi default selectable pressure limitations based on industry best practices for digging around underground utilities
  • Available in various configurations, including positive-displacement and fan configurations
  • Provides up to seven hours of continuous operation with the onboard water
  • Available with Peterbilt 567 Class 8 truck model chassis options featuring a rugged design, spacious, ergonomic interior and enhanced visibility
  • Chassis design reduces weight for increased payload capacity, improves maneuverability for operating in congested work sites and offers improved system routing for simplified service, repair and body installation
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