Terex Redesigns A330 & A650 Auger Drills

Enhancements to the Terex auger drills control systems and the transition to a hydrastatic drive transmission allow for easier operation and productivity

A650 158

Terex has redesigned its A330 and A650 auger drills with enhancements to the controls system, remote diagnostics, a hydrostatic drive transmission and many automated features.

  • Radio remote controls
  • Operating system allows truck, unit controller and unit engine to talk to each other
  • Automated features include: auto brake release, inner-Kelly retract stop, inner-Kelly slack stop, home position, return to center and dig depth
  • Return to center allows operator to return auger to the drill position used previously
  • Optional telematics available
  • Available with a command post and joystick controls
  • Display monitor can be mounted or used remotely with radio controls

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