Kwik-Trench Mini Trencher

Four models of Earth Saw with 5.5-hp to 8-hp engines dig 8 in. to 12 in. deep, up to 4 in. wide

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Updated November 30, 2012

The KT200B and KT2400B Kwik-Trench mini-trenchers can cut 8-in. to 12-in. trench, up to 4 in. wide, at up to 30 fpm to tackle installations of plumbing and drainage lines, low-voltage wiring, silt fences and more. Triple V belts drive a carbide-toothed cutter wheel at up to 800 rpm to cut through compacted clay, road fill, asphalt and tree roots up to 10 in. thick.

  • 5.5-hp KT100 digs 8 in. deep, 1/2 to 3 in. wide
  • 5.5-hp KT200B digs 8 in. deep, 1 to 3 in. wide
  • 6.5-hp KT1200B digs 10 in. deep, 1 to 3 in. wide
  • 8-hp KT 2400B digs 12 in. deep, 1 to 4 in. wide
  • Optional trailer for easy transport

Specifications: Little Beaver Kwik-Trench Earth Saw

Video: How to use the Little Beaver Kwik-Trench Mini Trencher

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