WJ Group Expands Into The U.S. Market with Roadway Surface Treatments

The highway safety specialists at WJ Group announced a new expansion of its services in the United States, with the launch of WJ Surface Treatments LLC.

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Starting with nine states across the southeastern region of the United States (including Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida) the WJ Surface Treatments team looks to expand their innovative road maintenance products business through cooperation with state's Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as with general contractors, in an effort to improve roadway safety, durability, and quality. 

They will achieve this primarily through two service offerings, Captive Abrasive Friction Enhancement and High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST), the company touts their cost effectiveness and their positive environmental impacts. Captive Abrasive Friction Enhancement, also known as Shot Blasting, is literally achieved by blasting high amounts of steel shot at road surfaces. This achieves an increased skid resistance and should thus extend the life of a highway asset, abrading and re-profiling the aggregates.

HFST, however, increases skid resistance through a different process entirely. It achieves this by applying a new surface layer that contains superior quality aggregates. This process is mainly implemented in safety-critical locations where braking distance and control of the vehicle are more important to reduce skidding and/or subsequent accidents. With the national rise in extreme weather conditions combined with highway speeds, this process may see increased implementation.

In addition to these products, they are also advertising a bridge deck waterproofing system that utilizes a fast-setting epoxy resin to water proof structures, making them resistant to the 

Glenn Thompson, President & General Manager at WJ Surface Treatments LLC commented: “The surface treatments market in the USA is in a very exciting place. With more states conducting friction testing on their roads, many general contractors and transport bodies will be looking for effective yet cost efficient and sustainable solutions – something that we can provide. We are very much looking forward to helping ensure drivers in the southeast have the best quality roads at their disposal to increase their safety and comfort.”

As well as specializing in sectors such as bridges and highways, WJ Surface Treatments will also be able to support off-highways applications, including aviation, warehouses, factories, and retail.

Wayne Johnston added: “Our new American workforce has been trained by our highly experienced UK team, passing on their knowledge so each Department of Transportation, general contractor, and any other company we work with receives the same fantastic service that UK highway authorities and companies have experienced since 1987. With our new vehicles and materials being sourced from American businesses, we aim to offer the highest quality service to maintain and improve US roads for all users.”

For more information about WJ Surface Treatments LLC, please visit: https://www.wjsurfacetreatments.com/