Super Quickie-Cut Combo Wheels

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CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has expanded its high-performance Super Quickie-Cut line with the introduction of .075 cut/grind combo wheels. Engineered utilizing innovative manufacturing technology, the new combo wheels allow for cutting and grinding with one wheel for reduced production times and costs. The Super Quickie-Cut cut/grind combo wheels' .075 inch thickness produces fewer sparks, minimal burrs and removes less material for faster working and reduced cutting resistance. Manufactured with three complete layers of fiberglass and a high-quality grade aluminum oxide grain, the new Super Quickie-Cut wheels are made to easily grind stainless steel and steel. By angling a right-angle grinder at a 90-degree position, the new combo wheel cuts; when positioned at a 30-degree angle, the wheel grinds. Available in a type 29 shape, 46 grit size and in 4-1/2- and 5-inch diameters with 7/8 or 5/8-11 arbor holes. Developed for contaminate-free results, the combo wheels are ideal for stainless-steel and steel applications.

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