The Safe T Torque Checker Offers Simple & Accurate Measurement of Torque Output

The Safe T Torque Checker
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A correctly calibrated torque system will deliver the right output to fasten bolts accurately first time. But with continued use, even the best products can go out of calibration. Operators who ignore this risk damaging the application, or even worse—potentially compromising a joint’s integrity through either under-tightening or over-tightening.

With the stakes being so high, hydraulic torque tools need to be calibrated regularly to prevent accidents from happening. Tools to do this have been widely available for many years. Yet, the reality is that torque output readings rarely reflect the actual torque delivered to the application on-site.

Enerpac's Safe T™ Torque Checker is the company’s first mobile torque wrench testing unit. The portable tool offers a simple and accurate measurement of torque output wherever and whenever operators need it. The Enerpac Safe T Torque Checker displays a digital readout showing the actual torque output of the whole hydraulic system. Including items such as the hoses and pump ensures the accuracy of the torque reading is within +/- 1%.

Convenience & Versatility

The Safe T Torque CheckerEnerpacThe Safe T Torque Checker can be easily taken on-site, allowing operators to check torque output wherever and whenever it suits them. Features such as a splash-proof display and keypad, and an impact-resistant case provide the essential durability needed in harsh environments. The rechargeable long-life internal battery provides the freedom for operators to check their whole torque system wherever they are working.

The new unit is compatible with any Enerpac hydraulic torque wrench, including both square drive and low-profile cassette types that fit the envelope and maximum capacity of the STTC. The future-proof design uses the latest technology to ensure convenient use for many years to come.

  • Accurate portable testing device for Enerpac hydraulic torque systems
  • Delivers consistent and repeatable accuracy within ± 1%
  • Allows the user to validate & test the exact system on-site (tool, pump, hose, etc.)
  • Digital read out in Nm or Ft.lbs
  • Simple to operate – just power up and start testing
  • Transportable: all in one compact carry case, ideal for use on the road
  • Splash-proof display and keypad
  • Durable and rechargeable long-life internal Lithium-ion battery
  • Covers Enerpac hydraulic torque wrenches up to 16,100 Ft.lbs (21.800 Nm)