MFH500 & MFH900 Mobile Flameless Heaters

Generac Mobile flameless heaters are purpose-designed to safely provide heat in environments in which an open flame could be hazardous

Mfh900 Hero

Generac's MFH500 and MFH900 mobile flameless heaters use a hydraulic pump circuit to load a diesel engine to generate heat.

  • Heat is also captured from other system components like the radiator and exhaust
  • Operators can set the temperature and CFM which will remain reliable and consistent
  • Both units include a comprehensive set of alarms and shutdowns, including positive air shutdown
  • Fully lockable cabinets

The MFH900 models features:

  • 4.4-liter Perkins engine
  • 26-hour minimum run time on one fuel and DEF fill
  • 3,600 to 5,000 cfm output volume at 5-in. of static pressure
  • 865,000 BTU per hour
  • Wide, flip-up side doors
  • Interior cabinet lighting
  • Rust-proof aluminum enclosure
  • New controller with intuitive, low-med-high push-button settings
  • Dual outlet ducts for separate duct runs

The MFH500 features:

  • Temperature output up to 180-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Air output volume of 2,650 to 5,500 cfm at 5-in. of static pressure
  • 475,000 BTU per hour

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