XRP and XRP Lithium Ion Cordless Drills

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The DEWALT XRP and XRP Lithium Ion drills are designed from the ground up with significant performance, durability, run time and ergonomic enhancements. The XRP line includes three 18V models (DCD950KX, DCD950VX and DCD940KX), three 14.4V models (DCD930KX, DC930VX and DCD920KX) and a 12V model (DCD910KX). Additionally, the new line includes an XRP Lithium Ion 18V hammerdrill/drill/driver (DCD970KL) with a Nano-Phosphate Lithium Ion battery that is backwards compatible with more than 40 tools in the DEWALT 18V system. Each hammerdrill/drill/driver has a patented, three-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate application. Additionally, the new drills now have a two-collar design that enables users to quickly transition among drilling, screwdriving and hammer drilling modes without changing the clutch setting. The new XRP Lithium Ion and XRP drills are built with a high-power, high-efficiency frameless motor. In order to meet the jobsite demands of end users, DEWALT designed the drills with an all-steel transmission. The tools have a metal gear case allowing the transmission to dissipate heat and run cooler. Additionally, a steel lockout feature positively locks the tool in drill mode. The new drill/drivers offer a best-in-class length and a smaller footprint for increased balance and control. The handles of the drills are improved for a better grip and increased user comfort. A bright LED work light provides increased visibility in dimly lit areas.

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