MLTDOT Light Tower

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Magnum Products introduced its new MLTDOT light tower series, models MLT3060DOT and MLT4060DOT, as a solution for the growing concern for motorist and flagman safety in nighttime work zones. The new MLTDOT series provides duo purpose, focused and flexible, lighting for nighttime construction projects. Features and benefits of the MLTDOT Light Tower include: two 400 watt light fixtures, metal halide lamps, fritted lens, aluminum visor caps, focused lighting, and a reduced glare. Features and benefits of the MLT206DOT include: twp 1,000 watt light fixtures, metal halide lamps, tempered lens Separate fixtures with flexible illumination for roadway/construction area without adding glare to oncoming traffic, single phase 6kW standby power output, and two individually breakered convenience outlets.

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