Trailblazer 275 & 325

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The Trailblazer 275 and Trailblazer 325 are engine-driven welder/generators designed to reduce fuel use by as much as 35%, extend runtimes by 50% and reduce noise by 68%.

  • Smart-Cor technology provides independent weld and generator power to prevent fluctuations in the welding arc when a load is simultaneously applied to the generator
  • Auto-Speed technology automatically adjusts the engine speed to run at lower speeds determined by demand
  • Excel power option allows users to run most jobsite tools at idle speed (2,400 rpm)
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) optimizes air/fuel ratio, provides more reliable starting performance in cold climates, requires no choke and is less prone to fuel deterioration
  • Trailblazers feature approximately 19.5 hours of runtime on a single 12-gal. tank
  • For Stick, MIG, Flux-Cored and DC TIG welding
  • Wave Filter technology and 10-degree skewed motor for "clean" generator power
  • Shorter and lighter design from previous model
  • Front panel displays for daily maintenance checks
  • 275 and 325 amps of welding power at 100 percent duty cycle
  • 12,000 watts peak/10,500 watts continuous generator power

Miller Trailblazer 275 & 325 Product Brochure

Miller Trailblazer 275 & 325 Welder/Generator Spec Sheet


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