ProHeat 35

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The ProHeat 35 induction heating system induces heat electromagnetically in a metal part rather than using a heating element to conduct heat for reduction in preheat time of up to 400% (from 2.25 hours to 30 minutes).

  • Rapidly and uniformly heat one or two welding joints for preheat or stress relief
  • Can be used as an air-cooled system for temperatures up to 400°F or as liquid-cooled system for temperatures up to 1,450°F
  • 35kW of induction heating power with a 5 to 30 KHz frequency range
  • Four control and two monitoring thermocouples for uniform heating
  • Built in temperature controller for manual or temperature-based programming
  • Automatically detects type of cable attached and limits output to protect cables and blankets
  • Open-output detection ensures both outputs are either in use or covered by a protective plug for machine to operate
  • Isolation fault protection system automatically shuts system down should power source short to ground
  • Weighs 227 lbs.
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