StorageMaster Rolling Work Benches

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The eight models of StorageMaster Rolling Work Benches are super heavy-duty, professional-grade storage coupled with convenient work surfaces for jobsites that require mobility.

  • Models 45, 47, 49 and 63 (mechanic’s tool chest) have 6-in. casters and 1,000-lb. load capacities; Model 47 can also be customized with your choice of shelving and drawers
  • Heavy Duty (HD) rolling work benches (Models 58 and 59) take up to 2,650 lbs. and offer almost 10 sq. ft. of work space
  • The War Wagon Rolling Work Bench (Model 62) accommodates more than 2.5 tons of payload with 13 sq. ft. of work surface, sitting on 8-in. casters
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