MK-5000 Gas Block Saw

Mk 5009 G Block Saw
Group 10239461

The MK-5000 wet cutting block saw series are built for heavy-duty industrial use. A stay level blade guard gives 180-degree coverage at all times and keeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts.

  • Open-back design allows for material up to 20 in. long to be cut
  • 8-in. high blocks can be cut in a single pass with a 20-in. blade
  • Blade guards available: 14, 20 and 24 in.
  • Cast aluminum cutting head for rust proof longevity and lower decibel levels during cutting
  • Engine attachment is via four vibration isolation mounts
  • Belt driven, self-priming centrifugal water pumps can be disengaged for dry cutting
  • Available with Honda, Vanguard or Kohler engines, from 9 to 13 hp
  • Cutting heads are designed to keep the level of the engine within the manufacturer's requirement of degree of operation 
  • Heavy-duty built-in forklift brackets allow lift to approach from front, back or either side
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