Utility Air-Spade 4000 Series

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The Utility air-spade 4000 series excavation tool features a supersonic nozzle utilizing compressed air to produce a high-speed laser like jet that moves at twice the speed of sound for rapid digging in tough soils. The tool is ideal for digging holes or shallow trenches.

  • High voltage, insulated 4-ft. barrel rated up to 300kV
  • Non-sparking brass nozzle; 105 and 150 cfm sizes available
  • Adjustable rubber spray shield protects from flying debris
  • Ergonomic, aluminum handle with retractable stabilizer bar and integral air-pressure gauge
  • Extensions available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-ft. lengths
  • Trigger guard prevents accidental actuation
  • Accessories feature heavy duty, non-sparking brass, threaded connections
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