Laser Range Meters PD-I and PD-E

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The Laser range meters PD-I and PD-E feature Pulse Power Technology that allows for quick, accurate measurements over long distances, calculating areas and volumes or difficult to reach situations.

  • Simple to use with an accuracy of +/- 1/16 in. 
  • PD-E model for exterior applications uses E-paper screen technology to ensure optimal readability in challenging light conditions, and a precision optical targeting sight to measure distances up to 656 ft.
  • PD-I model for interior applications measures up to 328 ft. and uses a standard LCD screen with brighter illumination for improved readability in darker areas
  • Small, compact, rugged design with a sensor automated backlight, inclination sensor for faster indirect measurements and LED reference indicators
  • Can be combined with the PDA 72 measuring extension to quickly and ergonomically take repeated measurements overhead
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