SlatTrax Ground Protection System

SlatTrax is a ground protection system that uses a skid loader to roll out and retrieve temporary roadway in about two minutes providing an alternative to plywood and mats

Slat Trax

SlatTrax provides access to work sites while minimizing damage to grounds with a temporary roadway of recycled plastic slats connected into 25-ft. sections of Trax.

  • Can be deployed with the hydraulic delivery system which rolls out 100 ft. of dual Trax (36 or 42 in. wide) in two minutes
  • Trax can also be handled manually to meet work condition requirements, and sections can be disconnected as needed
  • Can be used on turf, hardcover, hills and curves
  • Options include an adjustable spread system, storage reel holding additional Trax, trailers and a single roll system for mini skid loaders

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