ClearSpan Low-Profile Building

Building incorporates short sidewalls, an ultra-strong truss arch design, triple-galvanized structural steel and 24-mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric

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The Low Profile Building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures is designed to be built on blocks, foundations, containers, helical piers or posts of any height, ensuring that the building’s clearance meets any application.

  • Short sidewalls enable customers to create a structure that is as tall or short as needed
  • Features a peak design and utilizes ultra-strong truss arch design
  • Triple-galvanized structural steel offers long life and corrosion resistance, even in the most damaging and corrosive environments
  • Covered with 12.5-oz., 24-mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric that is UV resistant and comes in four color options
  • Covers allow natural light to filter through, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day
  • Warranties include 50 years on the frame and 20 years on the fabric cover
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