Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight

Small size, nine-position bracket ensures illumination is go anywhere on the job or at home.

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There’s no place where light is more important than on the jobsite. At 420 lumens, the Bosch GLI18V-420 18V Worklight provides the brightest illumination in its class with a three LED-design. In addition, it can brighten dark work areas at different angles and offers an adjustable light beam for spot/flood applications. The three LEDs in this worklight offer the best illumination for a pocket-sized unit so users can light virtually any hard-to-reach, dark-corner work area on the jobsite. And the Bosch GLI18V-420 Worklight provides a dial to adjust light diffusion. Users are able to shine a high-intensity spotlight on a specific area where it’s most needed or can turn a control dial to diffuse light in illuminating a larger area.

  • Comes with an adjustable bracket, which provides users with nine different light-angle settings.
  • Includes a hard rubber strap for mounting the worklight to enable targeted illumination of the work area.
  • Works with the Bosch 18V battery system, which provides outstanding continuous runtime of up to 13.5 hours on the 6.0 Ah battery.
  • The unit is jobsite ready thanks to a tough exterior housing and an aluminum heat sink.


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