Ergodyne Squids Trade Tethering Kits

Five trade-specific kits contain tethering solutions for the most common tools in a worker’s toolbox

Ergodyne Squids Trades Tethering Kit
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Ergodyne has five options of its Squids Trade Tethering Kits for tethering the most common tools in a worker's toolbox. Kits are based on specific trades including carpenters and laborers, concrete finishers and masons, glaziers, iron/steel workers, and scaffolders. Unlike other Ergodyne tethering solutions, these products are made to tether an entire tool arsenal based on trade not tool.

  • 3183 Carpenter & Laborer’s Tool Tethering Kit contains solutions for tethering claw and sledgehammers, tape measures, speed squares, cordless impact drills/drivers, adjustable wrenches, pry bars, cat’s paws, pliers, utility knives, torpedo levels, jab saws, gloves and hard hats.
  • 3184 Concrete Finishers & Mason’s Tool Tethering Kit has everything to tether hammers, tape measures, power grinders, trowels, edgers, floats, pliers, utility knives, gloves and hard hats.
  • 3185 Glazier’s Tool Tethering Kit contains everything to tether flat bars, tape measures, pliers, cordless impact drills/drivers, utility knives, spray bottles, caulking and putty knives, gloves and hard hats.
  • 3186 Iron/Steel Worker’s Tool Tethering Kit features solutions for tethering spud wrenches, hammers, tape measures, sleever bars, folding tapes, pliers, bolt cutters, cordless impact drills/drivers, gloves and hard hats.
  • 3187 Scaffolder’s Tool Tethering Kit comes with everything needed to tether ratchets, scaffolding and adjustable wrenches, mallets, hammers, tape measures, scaffolding keys, levels, gloves and hard hats.
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