SkyPodz - Have An Office Lifted To Work Level

SkyPodz is a portable outrigger of prefabricated metal structures for use as an office, break, dining, toilet, shower, and storage spaces are available for rent or leasing.

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On typical high-rise buildings that are constructed in dense urban areas, the project has a very limited site storage area. Temporary offices are usually either rented nearby or built on-site in the way of future construction or not on the level where the subcontractors work is taking place. A Skypod increases the productivity of the manager by locating them close to where their employees are, and the work is taking place. It is flexible as to where it can be located on the building. Skypod units are lightweight containers that have been modified and attached to an outrigger so that they can be hoisted by a tower crane as construction progresses. SkypodzSkypodz

Built to provide contractors with an office or small warehouse attached to the side of a high-rise building. It is designed for the construction trades management personnel to be more productive by having their office or stored materials close to where they are working near the highest level of where construction is taking place.SkypodzSkypodz

Capable of Operating

  • Lights
  • HVAC
  • Mounted computer monitors
  • Refrigerators,
  • Tool charging stations


  • Shelves
  • Desks
  • Plan racks and tables
  • A rollup door for larger tool storage

For subcontractor trades that have work on multiple floors, the Skypodz can be modified to be a storage area for the items they need for each floor. The SkyPodz can be stocked at their yard, shipped to the project, and hoisted to the outrigger to supply them with the material they need on that floor. They can also be used as a small second elevated office if the main office is needed on a lower level.

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