Activ8 Semiautomatic Wire Feeder

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The portable Active8 wire feeder is available in a One-Pak configuration which includes a Magnum PRO Curve 300 gun. The wire feeder can feed self-shielded FCAW or FCAW-G and GMAW (MIG) gas-shielded wires at 50 to 800 IPM.

  • Wire feeder with internal contactor, gas solenoid, arc-sensing lead and clip (15 ft.) and a K1500-2 gun bushing
  • Gun comes with 15 ft. of gun cable, 1/16-in. liner and K466-10 gun connector kit.
  • Designed for 8-in. spools
  • Compatible with any DC CV and/or CC power source
  • Across-the-arc operation (voltage sensing) uses a sense lead and contactor to enable weld current
  • Handles GMAW wires .023 to .052 in. in diameter and FCAW wires of .035 to 5/64 in. in diameter
  • Rated at 330 amps at 60% duty cycle
  • Standard shielding gas apparatus can be used for FCAW-G and GMAW processes
  • MAXTRAC Drive System: dual gear-driven drive system ensures positive feeding performance; wire drive with tool-less drive roller and wire guide; tachometer-controlled motor powers drive rolls
  • Controls include: WFS knob and internal-booted Cold Feed and Gas Purges, Trigger Interlock and CV/CC switches
  • Plastic case molded from high-impact, flame-retardant material
  • Weighs 27 lbs.

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Brochure: Lincoln Electric Activ8 Wire Feeders


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