Big Blue 800 Duo Pro Welder/Generator

Advanced RMD and Pulse processes now available in this engine-driven welder/generator

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The Big Blue 800 Duo Pro welder/generator can can be used by multiple operators at once — increasing efficiency and saving space by maximizing equipment capabilities with fewer machines needed on the jobsite. It provides 800 amps for a single welding operator, 400 amps each for two welding operators or can be used as a three or more arc multi-operator machine with the addition of inverter-based welders, powered off the unit’s auxiliary power run conventional.

Spec Sheet: Miller Electric Big Blue 800 Duo Pro

  • Enables Stick, TIG, FCAW and MIG welding, as well as advanced Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD) and Pulsed MIG processes using the FieldPro Smart Feeder
  • FieldPro Smart Feeder brings control to the welding operator at the joint and enables RMD and Pulsed MIG welding up to 200 ft. away from the power source with no control cables required
  • Independent multi-operator work platform delivers two premium-quality arcs up to 400 amps each
  • Engine drive provides sufficient power for a single welding operator to run large stick electrodes, Stud wel, or Carbon Arc Gouge with large electrodes
  • Users can experience up to 20,000 kW of three-phase power and 12,000 kW of single-phase power even while welding
  • Can simultaneously power tools such as lights, saws, drills, grinders and fans, with no arc interaction
  • Line-X cover provides added durability

Dual-operator Welder/Generators Cut Time and Cost on Complex Structural Erection Projects

[Video] Contractor Increases Efficiency with Miller Big Blue 800 Duo Pro Welder/generators


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