Lincoln Electric Vantage 520 SD Welder/Generator

Heavy-duty welder delivers 520 amps with a Tier 4 Final engine

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The Vantage 520 SD is equipped with a 34.8-hp Deutz D2.9L4 Tier 4 Final-compliant engine that enables the welder to produce 520 amps/30 volts at 60% duty cycle and 450 amps/32 volts at 100% duty cycle. The multi-process system is engineered to handle Stick, TIG, MIG, pipe and Flux-cored wire welding, as well as arc gouging. 

  • Delivers up to 11,000 watts single-phase or 17,000 watts three-phase, 120/240-volt AC generator power
  • Digital platform results in smoother arc action, faster arc response and improved pipe welding capabilities
  • Pulsing capabilities provide improved arc control for out-of-position work and can be used to reduce heat input for less distortion of the base material
  • ArcLink digital communication enables fast, reliable digital communication with advanced wire feeders like the Power Feed 25M portable semiautomatic wire feeder or other components
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