[WEBINAR] Creating a Marketing Plan that Drives Results

This AGC webinar (Oct. 18) will walk construction contractors through the marketing planning process and discuss the approaches that yield the best results

October 18, 2017
October 18, 2017
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If you do not have a focused plan and approach to marketing, your efforts might look scattered, inconsistent, unprofessional and...ineffective! Good marketing is the result of good planning and disciplined execution and these two elements always have a solid Marketing Plan to support them.

Join Danielle Feroleto, AGC Business Development Forum Steering Committee member and President of Small Giants LLC, a full-service marketing firm, as she walks you through the Marketing Planning Process and discusses the approaches that yield the best results.

You will come away from the session with a commitment to developing a plan for your firm, an understanding of the components that provide clarity and the measurable goals and activities recommended to build your firm's marketing awareness.