[WEBINAR] Operating Procedures for Integrating Drones & Aerial Data on Site

This AGC Webinar (Dec. 5) takes a closer look at how drones can give contractors the perspective they need to optimize workflows and save money

December 5, 2017
December 5, 2017
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Machine learning, computer vision and data-driven workflows are no longer a "what if" and more like a "when." And the impact on your business and projects could be enormous.

Whether you're a foreman, executive or safety inspector, drones can give you the perspective you need to optimize your workflows and save money.

Join this webinar as we cover:

  • Best practices for using data from drones and how it can impact your site
  • Choosing which data points you want to capture
  • Building SOPs for on-site capture and review
  • Implementing the data in Procore