August 2008 Equipment Gallery

Roundup of products and services available to help you improve efficiency, productivity and safety on the jobsite.

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AZ-550 Reclamation Attachment

The AZ-550 full-depth reclamation attachment features a 203-hp Cummins Tier III turbo diesel engine generating 695 ft.-lbs. of torque.

  • Oil-cooled planetary gearbox for improved production on heavier projects
  • Up to 12-in.-thick cutting depths

Asphalt Zipper


The BIG FLOAT is a floating (amphibious) excavator capable of operation in marshlands and shallow water areas.

  • Working width can be more than 18 ft.
  • Pontoon structure enables platform to be shrunk hydraulically to under 10 ft. for transport
  • Can be driven to the water
  • Can use all the same attachments as traditional excavators


Construction Grade Pressure Washers

Water Cannons new line of industrial, continuous duty pressure washers offer a choice of high quality Poly-Chain or 4-V Belt Drive units. These units, which have 20- to 27-hp engines, are rated from 4 to 8 gpm up to a 7,000 psi. Standard skid-mounted units feature a powder coated steel frame, removable complete roll cage with hose reel platform, on-board 15-gal. poly fuel tank, adjustable pressure unloader, and thermal pump protection.

This line of 20- to 27-hp industrial, continuous-duty pressure washers offer extended run times with large onboard fuel tanks.

  • Poly-chain or four V-belt drive units rated from 4 to 8 gpm up to a maximum of 7,000 psi
  • Standard skid-mounted units feature a powder-coated steel frame, removable complete roll cage with hose reel platform, onboard 15-gal. poly fuel tank, adjustable pressure unloader and thermal pump protection
  • Optional pneumatic wheel kit, EZ-Start Unloader, high-capacity 350-ft. hose reel rated up to 5,000 psi, industrial wet sand blast attachment and pulse valve for heavy commercial jetter applications

Water Cannon


  • Heavy-duty ground protection and access mats for creating a protective roadway, walkway or working platform
  • Protects lawns and landscaped areas from vehicle and equipment damage
  • provides traction for vehicles and a safe pedestrian walkway or working platform in construction areas
  • Made of 1/2-in.-thick recycled polyethylene plastic
  • Double-traction tred design
  • Each 4-ft. x 8-ft. mat can support vehicles up to 60 tons
  • Connect mats for a continuous surface

Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems DuraDeck heavy-duty ground protection and access mats create a protective roadway, walkway or working platform over several types of terrains and surfaces.

  • Made of 1/2-in.-thick recycled polyethylene plastic with a double-traction tread design
  • 4-ft. x 8-ft. mat can support vehicles up to 60 tons
  • Connect together to provide a continuous surfaceConnect together to provide a continuous surface

Signature Fencing & Flooring Systems, LLC - DuraDeck

Factory Integrated Attachment Control

HKX, Inc. offers an aftermarket hydraulic kit that integrates with an excavators factory controls(i.e., joystick and/or monitor).

  • Does not require peripheral controls to operate attachment(s)
  • No reduction in functionality and intuitive control
  • No need for large switches or aftermarket joystick controls

HKX Inc.


The LiveLink satellite monitoring system is available on the full range of JCB machines, providing the ability for improved performance and accurate monitoring.

  • Plugs into equipments own diagnostic system to provide ready access to equipment operating information from any location via a secure web site
  • Monitor machine health data such as hours worked, fuel consumption, temperatures and pressures
  • Track machine location and set geofencing limits and curfews
  • Receive service alerts

JCB Americas

Model 4500 Rock Picker for Seedbed Prep

The Model 4500 Rock Picker now features a single-source screen oscillation device that improves the screening performance by introducing an intense but almost undetectable movement to the sifting screen.

  • Reduces many moving parts and machine maintenance
  • Lifts a layer of topsoil 1 to 4 in. deep onto the sifting screen, retaining all rock, roots, stones larger than the chosen
  • Quickly changeable screens available from 1/2 to 1 1/4 in.

Cherrington Enterprises

Pipe Grap PG 45

The Pipe Grap PG 45 is two clamps in one.

  • Includes two changeable clamps
  • Adjustable grappling force
  • Manually adjustable height supports
  • Polyurethane wear parts in the clamps and height supports
  • Can be used with oil and gas pipes
  • 360° hydraulic rotator with regulator

ALLU Group


PocketClock/GPS software turns your Windows Mobile PDA into a portable timeclock that uses GPS technology to record the exact location of workers as they clock in and out.

  • Foremen and crew leaders can clock in entire crews at one time
  • Individuals can select the type of work being done when clocking in, allowing managers to track work by cost code
  • Detailed field notes about the job can be later sent to the office
  • Data easily transferred to a PC for review and export into the accounting or payroll system


Poly bolt-on track pads

Poly Bolt-On Track Pads enable reuse of predrilled steel triple grousers by replacing only the removable polyurethane track pad.

  • Save 35% to 40% in replacement costs and up to 50% in labor costs
  • Bolt directly to the pre-drilled triple grouser
  • Install and remove easily
  • Fit all Roadtec and most other milling machines and asphalt pavers

BLS Enterprises, Inc.

Predatair 60 Air Compressor

The Predatair 60 cfm hydraulic above-deck air compressor features Air-On-Demand technology that matches air output with the demand placed on the system so as more air is required, the inlet control valve opens wider to produce more air.

  • 13-20 gpm hydraulic flow
  • Takes up less space than many 30 cfm compressors
  • Direct-drive rotary screw compressor has no belts to adjust or replace
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Hydraulic and compressor oil temperature sensing
  • Soft start feature


Red Dot Rooftop HVAC

Red Dot offers a rugged, high-output, low-profile heating and air conditioning unit for heavy construction equipment, farm vehicles, and commercial trucks.

  • Slim, contoured plenum is easy to operate and preserves interior room
  • 25,000 BTUs cooling and 355 cfm air flow
  • Optional remote-mount Gideon air filtration system for a pressurized, cool, dust-free cab

Red Dot Corp.

Remanufactured Hydraulic Pumps

Remanufactured hydraulic pumps are available for the CX and 90B series excavators, providing quality, reliability and performance equal to new pumps but at a lower cost.

  • 100% remanufactured
  • Include all-new servo pistons and bores with improved seal design
  • Calibrated regulators, power takeoff, pilot pump and electrical proportional solenoid
  • 1-year or 1,500-hour warranty coverage, including six months free labor when installed at a Case Dealer Service Center


Rumbler III

The improved Rumbler III rumble strip cutting attachment can be mounted on the left or right-hand side of a W 60 cold mill.

  • Cutter permits fast installation of rumble strips on existing paved shoulders at up to 180 fpm
  • 16-in. standard cutter width with depth adjustable to 1 in.
  • Drum housing measures the width of the tractor
  • Six-sided rumble wheel with urethane pads and a hydraulic rumble wheel drive

Wirtgen America Inc.

Scotchlite Reflective Material

This broad line of reflective products incorporates patented retroreflective technology.

  • Recognized as the leading high performance retroreflective material for enhancing worker visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions
  • Can be easily incorporated it into various kinds of footwear, garments and accessories, including safety vests
  • Helps meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Performance Class 2 or 3 requirements

3M Visibility and Insulation Solutions

Scout ST-50 Utility Vehicle

The 50-hp ST-50 rubber tracked utility vehicle features a suspended undercarriage with four torsion axles and 24 rubber idler wheels that spread the machines weight over the entire length of its track.

  • 4,562-lb. operating weight distributed down to 2.38 psi of ground pressure
  • 5,000-lb. towing capacity with industrial front and rear hitch
  • 50-gross-hp Perkins naturally aspirated diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic two-speed drive with 11-mph maximum travel speed
  • Rear deck standard with optional hydraulic dump box or four-person personnel carrier

ASV, Inc.


The SonoBlaster dual alert work zone intrusion alarm warns road crews and drivers simultaneously to help prevent crashes and injuries in work zones.

  • Mounts to barricades, cones, drums, delineators, A-frames and other barriers
  • Horn instantly blasts a 125-dB alarm for 15 seconds upon impact to signal that the work zone has been violated

Transpo Industries, Inc.

Tree Shears

Fecon offers three tree shears suitable for excavators from 12 to 20 tons.

  • Weigh from 2,000 to 3,500 lbs.
  • Can shear trees from 14 to 16 in. in diameter
  • Single or dual knife cutting systems
  • Suitable for clearing trees up and down slopes and in other hard to access areas
  • Grabber arms work in conjunction with the knife system and acting accumulating arm for bunching trees

Fecon Inc.

Welder Generator Running Gear

All-purpose running gear is available for the Bobcat and Trailblazer welding generators, allowing for easy maneuverability over various terrain.

  • Features an extended wheelbase, extra-heavy-duty front casters and 1-in.-diameter axles for increased ruggedness and maneuverability
  • Optional Never-Flat Tires maintain a constant tire pressure and are immune from punctures
  • Available for the Legend 302, Bobcat and Trailblazer models with or without a protective cage