Asphalt Production, Plant Equipment

Plants, baghouses, heaters, dryers, scales, silos, automation systems and more.

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Grasan 620HD-H
The 620HD-H is a portable screen plant.

  • 6- x 20-foot triple-deck horizontal screen with three-shaft, between-deck drive unit
  • Side discharge conveyor
  • Under-screen fines conveyors
  • Extra heavy-duty frame and walkways on three sides
  • Mounted on a tandem axle trailer

Terex Roadbuilding E100P Asphalt Plant
The E100P super-portable asphalt plant features a counterflow drum mixer design, which delivers production capacities reaching 100 tph.

  • Impulse X controls package enables running a range of mix designs, including tough state spec mixes for Interstate paving
  • Features counterflow technology for running higher percentages of RAP than parallel-flow plants, while staying within environmental regulations

Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products
Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products offers units from complete batch and drum mix plants to individual plant components.

  • Used and manufacture-reconditioned equipment available
  • Can use partial existing equipment, partial reconditioned eqiupment and selected new components

Grasan KR1010 Compact Rubble Plant
Grasan's KR1010 compact rubble plant sets up in 15 minutes and operates in tight quarters.

  • Hazemag primary impact crusher with 25-inch high by 40-inch wide feed opening
  • Crushes up to 150 tph
  • 240-hp John Deere diesel engine
  • Variable-speed heavy-duty grizzly feeder
  • Transports over the road fully assembled

Grasan KRH1515
The KRH1515 road-portable crushing plant incorporates the Hazemag APPH impact crusher with fully automatic hydraulic cylinder system.

  • Up to 600-tph crusher capacity
  • 45-inch-high crusher inlet with hydraulic movable inlet base
  • Diesel or electric power
  • Six independent hydraulic support legs for easy setup and teardown without a crane

Grasan Custom-Built Crushing Plants
Grasan offers a new line of large, track-mounted primary crushing plants that are each largely custom designed and built to meet customer needs and specifications for high-production aggregate applications.

  • Hazemag 1515 APPH primary horizontal impact crushers
  • Simplicity 62" x 18" vibrating grizzly feeders
  • Simplicity 5' x 6' single-deck scalping screens
  • 54" x 40' discharge conveyors

Terex E225P Counterflow Plant
The new Terex E225P portable counterflow plant features 225-tph production capacities.

  • Built for fast, low-cost portability
  • Counterflow drum mixer is capable of making a wide variety of mix designs, including Stone Matrix Asphalt and Superpave
  • SJ-360 Hauck burner delivers 75 million BTUs of energy
  • Roto-Aire RA218 baghouse with 40,000-cfm capacity
  • Self-contained 50-ton self-erect, self-weighing silo
  • Terex Impulse X control system

VSS Emultech Emulsion Plants
The VSS Emultech emulsion plants are available in 9-, 16-, 24- and 40-tph sizes.

  • Wide range of custom designed solutions for batch, continuous or semi-continuous emulsion production
  • Fully equipped to produce anionic, cationic, nonionic, or clay-based emulsions

Terex E3 Series Drum Mixer
The E3 Series counterflow drum mixers offer production ranges from 300 to 500 tph.

  • Portable and relocatable
  • Three distinct heating transfer zones — convective, radiant and conductive
  • Magnum-style flights
  • Triple Drum early-entry RAP system
  • Three models are available

Reliable Asphalt Products
Reliable asphalt products offers a complete line of new, used and reconditioned equipment for the HMA producers looking to improve their operations.

  • Supplier can visit your site and evaluate your needs, then make recommendations to improve your plant
  • Can supply new batch and drum plants; stationary and portable arrangements are also available
  • Large database of used plants and components; all listings have been pre-qualified for quality
  • Used equipment can be purchased on an as-is basis or reconditioned for exact specifications
  • Other services include tear down and erection services, layout and design, freight handling coordination, complete parts installation, plant painting and field services

Dillman Duo-Drum Plants
Dillman Equipment's Duo-Drum Plants feature independent aggregate dryers and separate mixing drums.

  • Dryer has large combustion volume zone and more dryer length
  • Mixer captures all by-products of mixing, such as fumes and light ends, and sends them to the dryer burner to be incinerated
  • Stationary, skid mounted and portable configurations
  • Produces 650 tph with high recycle percentages
  • Superpave ready

Cardinal Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale
Cardinal's Guardian hydraulic truck scale protects against various conditions, including:

  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Power surges
  • Corrosion
  • Shock loading
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations

ADM Milemaker
Asphalt Drum Mixer's Milemaker portable and stationary dual-drum counterflow asphalt plants produce from 160 to 425 tons per hour.

  • Separate drying and mixing drum allows for long drying times
  • Can handle additives and high percentages of RAP without blue smoke

ADM Roadbuilder Series
The Roadbuilder Series has a parallel-flow design ot maximize drying as it moves the moisture-laden aggregate in a rotating, veiled pattern away from the flame.

  • Produces 110 to 350 tons per hour
  • Drum diameters from 62 to 96 inches

Maxam Optima Batch Plant
Maxam's new Optima batch plant features all moving components on the outside of the tower for reduced wear and ease of maintenance.

  • Available in 4-, 5- and 6-ton batch sizes
  • 100 to 250 tons of hot storage

Reliable Plant Maintenance
Reliable Plant Maintenance can supply complete plants, new and used.

  • Can supply both batch- and continuous-style plants, silos systems, baghouses, cold feeds, controls, dust handling systems, recycle systems, drag slats, bucket elevators, conveyors, AC tanks and more
  • Used Equipment Division has large selection

Libra Enterprise Information Server
The Enterprise Information Server from Libra Systems is designed for plant-to-office integration.

  • Changes made by office personnel are automatically sent to the plant computers
  • Transactions and plant status are automatically retrieved from the plants
  • Includes user-friendly analysis tools

Libra Generation3 Ticketing System
The Generation3 asphalt batching silo loadout and truck scale ticketing system from Libra Systems features a highly configurable design that offers the capability to add fields, layout ticket printing, add or modify reports and create database fields.

  • Modular design
  • Seamless integration with virtually any office application
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Extensive security

Astec TC-2000
Astec offers the flexibility of Microsoft Windows 2000 and soft PLC engine.

  • Run and monitor all plant functions from a standard PC, including blending operations, plant motors, motor currents, mix and plant temperatures, material inventory, silo levels, energy usage and alarm status.
  • No traditional control panels needed
  • Flexible Profibus I/O
  • Runs on standard PC under Windows 2000

Libra Quantum Drum Mix Control System
The Quantum drum mix control system features fully graphic operator interface.

  • Animation shows plant status at-a-glance
  • Live trending graphs
  • On-screen control buttons help the operator to quickly view plant status and identify and solve process problems
  • Tracks equipment maintenance and re-calibration schedules
  • Displays production totals, ingredient totals and mix history for any date range

Clarence Richard Tank Gauge
The Tank Gauge from Clarence Richard Co. continuously reads asphalt oil tank levels.

  • Programmable high and low audible alarms
  • Easy installation in control room or on tank
  • Low maintenance
  • For horizontal or vertical tanks

Hauck Control Systems
Hauck offers control systems from simple single-burner systems to custom designed advanced microprocessor control systems, including touch screen operator interfaces.

  • PLC based or relay logic technologies
  • Provide all combustion operation functions including start-up sequencing, flame supervision and high temperature limits

Minds' is designed to give you critical information on the status of your paving projects and plant production.

  • Information includes truck trip times, tons loaded, fleet assessment
  • Alarms and reports on your cell phone and through any Internet access
  • Real time feedback to accounting, invoicing and job costing software
  • Compatible with any control system and loadout
  • Installs in less than one hour

Rice Lake ATK System
The ATK automated ticketing kiosk system automates everything from the point-of-sale to the invoice to account management.

  • NEMA 4 steel construction
  • Automates truck identification, load assignment and weighing as well as ticketing
  • Integrates seamlessly with any sized facility's central office and accounting system

Hauck EcoStarII Burner
Hauck's EcoStarII provides flame stability with superior performance and BACT for low emissions.

  • Fuel saving and reduced emissions through enhanced air/fuel ratio control
  • Simplified design for ease of installation, fuel handling and operation
  • Pre-piped, skid-mounted fuel manifolds with integral safety and manual shutoff valves, orifice/flow meters and control valves
  • Optional motor/impeller vibration monitor for preventive equipment maintenance

SYSTEMS Control Centers
SYSTEMS Equipment manufactures portable, skidable or stationary turnkey replacement control centers specficially designed with an emphasis on rugged construction, operator comfort and logical integration of plant controls.

  • Complete with structure, motor control center, automation and all controls

SYSTEMS Process Control & Truck Loading Automation
SYSTEMS Equipment offers full-featured,industrial grade process control and truck loading automation for new and retrofit drum mix applications.

  • Compatible with all drum mix proportioning requirements and equipment
  • Available with text or Windows-based user interface

Ace RAPwrangler
Ace Group's RAPwrangler RAP crusher is suitable for stationary, portable, drum or batch plants.

  • 20-inch rotor has 312 replaceable tungsten-tipped milling teeth that shred chunks of asphalt down to 1 inch at 250 tph
  • Rotor spins at 127 rpm undermining the material in the 30" x 40" hopper directly above
  • 30- or 50-hp motor

SYSTEMS Model AM-1600
SYSTEMS Equipment Model AM-1600 multiple ammeter display allows a quick overview of selected plant motor loads.

  • Provides an accurate indication of actual loads and visual and audible alarms of overload and underload conditions
  • Displays incoming or generated power voltage and frequency from up to two sources

Reliable Used/Reconditioned Equipment
Reliable Asphalt Products offers equipment that can be purchased on an "as-is" basis or reconditioned for specifications.

  • List thousands of plants and components of all types to meet various requirements
  • Batch plant, drum plants, parts and components
  • All listings prequalified for quality

Ace Shaker Decks
Ace Group's shaker decks are designed to filter out oversized aggregate from your mix.

  • Custom made with single or double deck
  • Single decks available from 3' x 5' up to 5' x 10'
  • Made to use common size screen cloths

Duraco Dura Tanks
Dura Tanks are for storing asphalt emulsions.

  • 3,000- to 10,000-gallon sizes
  • Vertical storage tanks feature timed agitator system and thermostat controlled heaters and occupy less ground area

Burke Vertical Tanks
Burke Heating System's vertical tanks offer a smaller footprint than horizontal tanks

  • Manufactured with a square top much like silos, allowing 30 percent more working area on top of the tank
  • Skids are on tanks to allow the bottoms to be insulated
  • Pre-piped suction and drain to easily empty the tanks when changing liquids

Burke Helical
The Burke Helical skid-mounted unit is available in 1.2- to 6-million BTU/hour capacities.

  • Stout construction with heavy-duty frame and shell
  • Efficient coil design
  • Low stack temperature of exhaust air
  • Easy access to all critical components for maintenance
  • Industrial burner with multiple fuel options
  • Fully insulated
  • For both portable and stationary plants

Maxam Raptor System
Maxam's Raptor recycle system allows batch or counterflow drum plant to recycle without blue smoke or steam explosion.

  • Operates up to 50 percent recycle content

Maxam Trunnions
Maxam's self-aligning trunnions require no manual adjustment.

  • Retrofitable to existing drums and dryers
  • Heavy-duty sealed bearings require no maintenance
  • Roller continuously tracks the face of the tire

Astec Phoenix Talon Burner
Astec's Phoenix Talon high-efficiency burner for the aggregate and HMA industries features a premix gas design and air-atomized oil burning technology.

  • Equipped with variable frequency drives that replace dampers for quiet operation
  • Lean-burn premix capability doesn't require special equipment
  • Thorough gas/air mixing, plus rapid combustion keep emissions low
  • Compact flame shape is compatible with most drums without complicated flame adjustment

Astec Self-Erecting Bin
Astec's Self-Erecting Bin (SEB) meets NTEP Handbook 44 specifications.

  • Portable unit combines five major plant functions into a single load
  • Drag conveyor transports mix to the bin where it's batched, weighed and loaded onto trucks
  • Also includes plant's control center
  • Entire system self-erects in less than 15 minutes

Astec Accu-Swipe Belt Swiper
Astec's Accu-Swipe belt swiper simplifies quality control.

  • Automatically takes a cross section of aggregate in less than one second and without stopping production
  • Can be fitted to the inclined conveyor off the cold feed or multi-bin RAP feed system
  • Can be retrofitted to virtually any conveyor

Astec New Generation Silos
Astec's New Generation HMA storage silos are designed to store mix for four days without loss of mix quality.

  • Can be used as conventional surge bins during uninterrupted production or for long-term storage
  • 6 inches of insulation; top of silo is lined with 12 inches of insulation
  • Cone design is insulated with electric heating blanket
  • Fully enclosed, insulated batcher with manual grease seal
  • Oil-heated discharge gate
  • Steeply sloped sidewalls in silos with 66-degree cone angle

Astec Whisper Jet Burner
Astec's Whisper Jet features a compact flame that is compatible with most drum designs.

  • Designed to burn various fuel grades cleanly and efficiently
  • Rapid combustion keeps NOx and CO emissions low
  • Swirling air and flame are created by the fixed internal spin vanes and the patented castellated nose cone, ring and nozzle design, which allows for fast and complete combustion

Astec Double Barrel Dryer/Mixer
The Double Barrel dryer/mixer is a combination aggregate dryer and HMA mixer that can keep RAP and virgin aggregate separate until the mixing phase of production.

  • Minimizes emissions
  • Ensures mix quality
  • With the RAP and virgin aggregate meeting in the outer mixing chamber, excess moisture is removed from the RAP and the reclaimed liquid asphalt partially coats the virgin aggregate

ACEBOND Chromium Carbide
ACE Group is the exclusive supplier of ACEBOND chromium carbide for conveyor floors, hopper liners, chutes, bins, drum liners, screed plates, floor plates, etc.

  • ACEBOND helps equipment to resist chipping, flaking, peeling, separating, abrasion and erosion under severe conditions
  • Process fuses together three basic elements to create an ultra-hard abrasive-resistant surface, which creates an ultra-high chromium carbide composite alloy

Eagle Crusher UltraMax 1600-69
The UltraMax Series 1600-69 portable high-volume, primary/secondary impact crushing and recycling plant features a sculptured three-bar rotor made of solid steel.

  • 68" x 20' feeder
  • Can also consume various concrete and aggregate materials
  • 69-inch feed opening
  • Resulting products are cubical and highly uniform for all spec crushing applications

Kemcorp Particle Separation System
The Kemcorp Particle Separation System (PSS) from Kemper Equipment separates and collects fine aggregates.

  • Removes 200M from 1/4-inch sand to produce a clean and marketable manufactured sand
  • 30- to 300-tph capacity
  • Minimal set-up time

PHCO Lo-Density Fuel Oil Preheaters
Process Heating Co.'s lo-density fuel oil preheaters are designed to cut expenses for asphalt plants operated with heavier or reclaimed fuel oils.

  • Reduces viscosity to ensure a smooth flow for improved combustion
  • Available in various sizes
  • Weatherproof, pre-wired U.L.- listed industrial control panel
  • Heat at a rate of 5 to 7 watts per square inches
  • Total accessibility to the heater terminal box

Meeker Baghouse
Meeker Equipment's baghouse is an environmentally friendly system which exceeds EPA requirements.

  • Offered in 20,000 cfm on up
  • Portable, stationary and skid-mount arrangements
  • All-welded construction
  • Modular design
  • Bag spacing promotes better pulsing

PHCo Lo-Density Tank Heaters
Process Heating Co. offers unitized heaters that can easily install in vertical or horizontal tanks.

  • Units are designed to dissipate heat at 3 watts per square inch on the heater's sheath using any voltage, which reduces the chances of damaging the contents or coking on the heater sheath
  • Heaters are designed to heat tanks from 2,000 to 50,000 gallons
  • Require no special insurance certifications

PHCo Circulating Heater
Process Heating Co. offers its hot oil heat transfer system with Lo-Density patented Coil-Lock design heating elements that eliminate any coking or carbonization of your transfer fluid.

  • ASME coded exchanger with high density insulation and an aluminum jacket
  • Motor-driven, high-temperature pump with built-in relief for circulating heat transfer fluid
  • U.L.-listed industrial control panel in a weather-proof enclosure with a 7-day, 24-hour time clock for early morning startup

PHCo Inline Fuel Oil Preheaters
Process Heating Co.'s inline fuel oil preheaters are fully automatic, easily controllable, electric inline heaters.

  • ETL and U.L. listing
  • Low-watt density
  • Dry well heaters

AESCO/Madsen DM Series Drum Mixers
The DM Series drum mixers come in sizes ranging from 40 to 223 tph.

  • Drums made of 5/16-inch A-572 Grade 40 alloy steel plate
  • Heat-resistant paint
  • High-efficiency flighting system
  • Drums driven by four machined and heat-treated trunnions secured to shafts by easy-to-assemble/disassemble locking ring assemblies

BMG Seltec TrakitGPS
The TrakitGPS vehicle tracking and reporting module is designed for concrete, asphalt and aggregate producers.

  • Provides to-the-minute order tracking, real-time truck mapping and two-way communication for fleet tracking and management
  • Provides time-stamped custom reports on employee activity, including location, speed, status, stops, etc.
  • Installs in less than a day and requires no separate hardware other than a Nextel GPS-equipped cell phone

Gencor Ultraflame Burner
The Ultraflame burner is a "total air" system providing 100 percent control over air and fuel.

  • Two-stage combustion design provides all the air required for complete combustion and flame shaping
  • Can be used in any rotary drying process that requires between 25 million and 200 million BTU per hour of heat release
  • Reduces noise
  • Allows the use of conventional fuels such as oil, natural gas, LP or coal

AESCO/Madsen Tanks
AESCO/Madsen manufacturers a complete line of stationary, portable and vertical apshalt storage tanks

  • Capacities range from 10,000 to 30,000 gallons
  • Thoroughly insulated with an aluminum cover
  • Mounted on a rugged structural underframe
  • Engineered to meet contractor's requirements
  • Can be supplied with unitized electric heat, coiled or direct-fired systems
  • Automatic temperature controls, hi-level and low-level shutoffs and optional tank mixers

BDM Engineering Tanks
BDM offers stationary or portable asphalt tanks featuring heavy construction.

  • Three types are available: direct fired, coiled or electric
  • Capacities range from 10,000 to 30,000 gallons

CAL SpraySaver
CAL Technologies features the SpraySaver Automatic Truck Bed Lubrication System designed to minimize truck downtime, as well as improve and control release agent usage.

  • System is activated by electronic sensors and automatically sprays the truck bed for about 20 seconds
  • Heavy duty overhead steel rack, hood and windskirts, release agent injection pump, controller and operating software as well as angle iron braces to mount the injection pump and controller are standard
  • Compatible with all available release agents but AS-Release from Asphalt Solutions is recommended

Highland HiTemp & HiTemp Dry-Fall Paint
Highland offers three HMA plant paint systems.

  • System #1 offers high quality heat protection and durability for abrasive working environments
  • System #2 places HiTemp paint where you need it most — in hot spots — and economizes in other areas
  • System #3 features dry-fall paint which eliminates paint overspray damage

Heatec Inc.
Heatec offers hot oil heaters and other equipment.

  • Heatec manufactures hot oil heaters, asphalt storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, fuel preheaters, asphalt metering systems, additive tanks and more

MPAQ TouchBatch Asphalt
Automation for asphalt batch, cold feed and silo load-out is now available in the new TouchBatch technology from MPAQ Automation.

  • Just one MPAQ computer is needed to automate the cold feed section, the batch plant and the silo load-out
  • With the batch module, the operator can quickly load each truck or replenish the silo storage
  • The cold feed module controls the aggregate flow rate according to mix design specifications
  • The silo load-out module loads trucks with automatic free-fall compensation times with the gates to avoid overloading the truck

Dillman Silo Systems
Dillman Equipment's high-capacity silo systems offer 200- to 3,000-ton capacity multiple bin systems.

  • All welded support structure with cross bracing
  • Dual clam gate design with safety gate doors
  • Standard hot oil heating for cone with options for electric systems
  • Double welded seams for structural integrity
  • OSHA standard hand rail, walkway, and checker plate decking
  • Double layered industrial grade insulation for maximizing heat retention
  • High-Low bin indicators
  • Dual gate batcher minimizes segregation in the silo

Kolberg-Pioneer Fast Trax FT4240
The FT4250 horizontal shaft impact crushing plant is designed to simply drive off the transport trailer and start crushing.

  • Crushes on the go to allow finished product to be windrowed as material is fed into the plant
  • Diesel powered with full hydraulic controls for the feeder, crusher, onboard conveyors, vibrating screen, optional cross-belt magnet and tracks

BHA Visolite
Visolite leak detection powder is a lightweight fluorescent powder that is injected into the baghouse.

  • Powder follows the path of least resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage whether it is a weak area in the medium or a bad seal
  • A monochromatic light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air leakage and its severity
  • Visolite test is easy to perform and decreases downtime and maintenance, freeing up your staff to handle more important duties around the plant

BHA ThermoPleat
The BHA ThermoPleat filter elements are designed to operate at high tempeartures in asphalt plant

  • Two to three times more total filtration area than traditional filter bags utilizing the existing baghouse footprint
  • Significantly lower operating differential pressure
  • Increase total airflow through the baghouse
  • Reduce installation time due to one-piece design
  • Reduce air-to-cloth ratios in existing systems
  • Less compressed air usage needed to clean filters

Kenco Uni-Mix Pugmill Parts
Kenco offers a range of pugmill parts that provide greater wearlife and abrasion resistance to increase the productivity of asphalt plants.

  • Parts include the Uni-Mix System, Pugmill Liners, Gate Assemblies and Seal Collars
  • All are designed to be easily and quickly installed

JWS Apex 3 Loadout System
Version 3 of the Apex Loadout system integrates with the Apex Ticketing module to load and ticket trucks from overhead bins or silos.

  • System can be installed with new plants or retrofits
  • Operates on standard Windows XP PC
  • Three available weighing methods
  • RFID check-in and web-based data inquiry also available

Kenco Uni-Flights
Kenco drum/dryer flights provide long wearlife.

  • Come with a 5-year veiling guarantee (restrictions apply)
  • Consist of K-Chrome 700 castings bolted to a pre-drilled steel mounting base
  • With a nominal hardness of 700 Brinell, these castings will not fold over or distort from wear

Summit Filter Felts
Summit Filter's line of high efficiency high temperature felts handle submicron particles, extend bag life and allow usage of more RAP.

  • Golden Eagle offers over 10 years of success handling fine dust in asphalt plants
  • Golden Phoenix is designed for problem applications with substantial levels of submicron particles