You Can Be a “Leader on a Mission”

Four business development techniques every construction contractor should employ.

Business development should be top of mind for all employees in a construction company.
Business development should be top of mind for all employees in a construction company.

If there is one challenge every contractor and construction leader must overcome, it is to be so focused on their “mission” that nothing can stop them from reaching their destination. For every contractor, the importance of business development can never be over-emphasized.

Business development should be as natural to the contractor as breathing.  As an owner or senior leader, nothing can take first place over getting work. Yes, I know safety is huge and making money is huge, but if you don’t acquire more work, you do not even get to make your sites safe or make the higher profit margins.

Consider these four Business Development (BD) techniques.

BD Efforts are 24-7!

There is no Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM – 5:00 p.m. with Business Development. As the owner, there is never a time when you are not “selling” something about your business. Since most people like to work with those whom they can trust and enjoy, it makes sense that the owner must always be “on.”

BD is for ALL Company Employees!

I don’t care how big a company you are, everyone participates in the acquisition of work. Sure, only a few will actually develop the bids, but every employee, from the receptionist to the operator to the truck driver, can be BD-focused when they are working through the week. And, if your employees are wearing company logo shirts and jackets, they better realize that they are representing your company even on their personal time. People may not remember the person’s name, but they will sure has heck remember your company name on their shirt or cap.

BD Skills Can Be Taught!

There are no born leaders and there are no born sales people. Now, there are certainly people who might find it easier to interact with others but that alone doesn’t qualify them as a BD individual, much less an estimator or sales person. Business Development “skills and techniques” can be taught and learned.

BD Results Should Reward All Involved!

If your field foreman happens to pass on a lead that turns into work, the foreman should receive a little financial “kicker.” I guarantee you, giving any of your workers a little bonus money if they have enabled you to gain more work will motivate them to be more alert to future opportunities.