Put a Spring in Your Sealcoating Step This Season

3 Tips to prepare for a new sealcoating season

Springtime brings a flurry of activity for pavement maintenance professionals. Best management practices (BMPs) require temperatures to reach 50°F and rising prior to sealcoating application, and contractors are often eager to kick their businesses into high gear as soon as winter begins to thaw. Keep these recommended techniques from the Pavement Coatings Technology Council (PCTC) in mind to hit the ground running this spring. 

Connect With Personnel Before the Busy Season Hits

Set your employees up for success by preparing them with the tools and information necessary for a job well done.

Start by pinpointing a target date for spring startup and connecting with personnel to check their availability to begin at that time. Schedule a company-wide meeting prior to the startup date to confirm that all applicators are up-to-speed on the latest BMPs, safety protocols and product information. This is also a great time to deliver any training you may have identified as important for a successful season.

Remember, employees are a company’s greatest asset and investing in the team often leads to stronger business results in the long run. 

Thoroughly Check All Equipment

Before committing to the first project of the season, clean and test sealcoating equipment to help prevent mistakes or safety hazards from occurring onsite.

If equipment requires any reassembling, take extra care to ensure all parts are operating as expected. Don’t forget to stock work trucks with essential pavement maintenance resources as well.

Safety Data Sheets, BMP requirements, registrations, insurance cards and other safety guides should be supplied in advance so applicators have easy access to materials while on the job. 

Expand Industry Expertise

By brushing up on the latest tips, tricks and trends in the sealcoating industry, pavement maintenance professionals will head into the busiest season of the year armed with the skills necessary to succeed.

Many local and national trade shows such as the World of Asphalt and the National Pavement Expo take place just before the start of spring. Attending events like these can help contractors build upon their knowledge and hear new perspectives from fellow professionals in the field.

Looking to sharpen industry expertise on an ongoing basis as well? Set up regular information sessions with suppliers to keep a pulse on advancements and safety requirements year-round. 

Preparation is key for a smooth and successful sealcoating season. Professionals who implement employee trainings, execute equipment tests and obtain industry learnings position themselves best for the year ahead.