What's Next After COVID?

Sweeping contractors need to adapt after COVID 19

World Sweeping Association (WSA) is proud of the leading role we have taken in providing industry information confirming sweeping’s essential business status, as well as in helping contractors navigate an increasingly uncertain business climate safely.

As of this writing, WSA continues to dialogue with the Centers for Disease Control on the importance of requiring sweeping on a nightly basis for all still-open retail establishments. This remains an uphill battle since, because the parking lot sweeping industry is conducted at night, it is largely invisible. In addition to our ongoing contacts with the CDC, FEMA and other agencies and news media, we have also provided handouts explaining why nightly sweeping should be mandatory, given all of the potentially infected masks, gloves and other materials being tossed by shoppers onto retail parking areas.

An ongoing question during this time has been people wondering “When will things get back to the way they were?” The answer is, they will not. All manner of the way business is conducted is in a state of flux, with leaders in all sectors rethinking how their businesses and industries will be conducted.

Although the demand for parking lot sweeping has remained reasonably strong in the early stages of the pandemic, there is no question that the shape of America’ s retail sector will emerge from this crisis in a changed form. In planning for the future, I urge all sweeping contractors to consider the many possibilities for changes that may occur. As customers change, so must service providers.

The changes most likely to affect the power sweeping industry are factors that WSA will be bringing to its membership via the WSA Member Updates emails we send to our members on the first and 15th of each month. Predicting the future is difficult. It’s even more so when you try to do it on your own.