2021 “Best Marketing Video” Winner: Popular Restaurant Project Perfect for Showcasing Services

Coastal Asphalt awarded Best Marketing Video

Pvmt Coastal Asphalt

Produced over a six-month period, Coastal Asphalt created a two-minute marketing video that shows many aspects of the services they offer, milling, paving, patching, sealcoating and striping. The result is online voters selected this video as Pavement’s “Best Marketing Video” Award recipient for 2021.

Company founders Matt and Sherry Winburn started Coastal Asphalt in 2008 offering a select number of services, sealcoating, striping and patching. Since then, they have grown to roughly 90 employees and offer all aspects start to finish of a project.

Producing marketing videos is fairly new for Coastal Asphalt, as they have introduced videos to their marketing plans in the last five years.

Captain George's - Mill, Pave, Patch, Sealcoat and Stripe

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant has been a customer of Coastal Asphalt for a few years. Coastal Asphalt was first called to do some small asphalt maintenance on their parking lot. Since that first job, they have been an existing customer. As seen in the video, the most recent project was one that encompassed everything. The crew went out and completed the mill and pave and then waited for the asphalt to cure. They then went back out to sealcoat and stripe the lot.

“Captain George’s is on a major highway in our area in Myrtle Beach,” said owner Matt Winburn. “They are seen by thousands of cars every day as it is a very popular restaurant spot.”

Planning and customer convenience was on the top of mind for the crew completing the work. The restaurant doesn’t open until 4pm daily, so the Coastal Asphalt team was able to complete a lot of the work in the morning and midway through the afternoon, so they didn’t disturb their customers coming in or deliveries the restaurant was receiving.

Ten hours of footage was shot on a series of different cameras including drones and cell phones over the six-month period. Once back in the office, editing took about seven days to complete the final video. The music overlay on the video is a catchy, upbeat rock tune. When the music provides a slowdown, that is when the images changes and a new service is showcased.

“When we produce a project profile video, we like to showcase our employees working,” said Keith Anderson, creative director. “We utilize our marketing videos on social media, play the video on a loop during company meals and even send videos to property managers to help them understand the process we go through.”

This is not the only video Coastal Asphalt has made. “We invest time and money into videos because they are a creative media to share our story and our services, both to our customers and our family of employees,” explained Anderson. Outside of profile videos, Coastal Asphalt has a series called ‘What We Have Here’ where Chris Jones, salesperson/estimator, shares the jobs the team has completed and how Coastal Asphalt’s services can benefit your business. “Videos touch our audience in unique ways that other avenues do not.”

“What we have found is that consistency is key,” said Anderson. “Even if it’s a short video, or a picture we post on social media, we constantly put things out there to get in front of our customers.”

View the award winning video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-BaLv8DVhI