COVID-19 Vaccination Helps Maximize the Safety of Your ‘Essential Worker Family’

Your employees continued good health keeps your company operational, talk with them about vaccination for COVID-19

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Since the start of the pandemic, now more than a year in the rearview, your workers have been deemed essential because of the important services they provide to your community. Of course, it’s their continuing good health that keeps your company operational. Now, as we move further along in the vaccination phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, I urge you to make the effort needed to assure their good health continues.

Unfortunately, largely because of politicization, misinformation about the value of getting vaccinated has cropped up around the spectrum. A situation has been created where it can become difficult to know what to believe, especially for those with little education. You business owners, who are more likely to be better educated—and whose best interests are definitely tied to keeping your workforce healthy—need to become educated on what the best available science has documented about vaccination.

Your workforce family, and you, deserve the most up-to-date vaccination information. If you have any doubt about the safety of vaccinations in our shared goal of defeating COVID-19, be sure to check out the latest information on the US Centers for Disease Control website. The CDC is generally considered to be the world’s pre-eminent medical organization and it provides a wide range of current information on the topic.

Our World Sweeping Companies organization provided, and still maintains, the industry’s first and most comprehensive set links to the CDC and elsewhere, as well as industry-specific information about dealing with COVID-19. Here’s the ‘shortened’ link:

I also suggest you assign someone in your company to find out where your employees can sign up to be vaccinated. Help them make their appointment if need be. Do what it takes to get your very essential workforce 100% immunized as soon as possible against this sinister virus. Many hands —in this case arms—is needed to produce a speedy recovery for our nation and the world.