10 Must-Have Tools for Pavement Striping

Avoid unnecessary trips back to the shop with these essential tools contractors should keep stocked in their trailers.

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As a striping contractor during the busy season, you are always on the go. Jobs and projects might pop up, typically scheduled with little to no notice. You're working long days and nights, the last thing you want to do is make an unnecessary trip back to the shop because you forgot to restock a necessary item in your trailer.

To stay ahead, and make sure you and your crew are operating at peak performance, here is a list of essential tools to keep in your trailer, so you are mobile within a moments notice.

  • Toolbox equipped with:
    • Channel locks
    • Crescent wrench set
    • Vice grips
    • Screwdrivers (philips and flathead)
    • Ratchet set and sockets
    • Hammer
    • Drill with paint stirring attachment
    • Duct tape
    • Tape measures (24-ft and 100-ft)
    • Chalk and chalk box
  • Striping machine, paint and fuel
    • Paint tips
    • Marking gun
    • Throat seal liquid
    • Mesh strainers
    • Cleaning solvent
  • Stencils
    • No Parking 12-in and 18-in
    • Reserved
    • Visitor
    • Handicap
    • Alphabet and number kit in 12-in and 18-in
    • 3 sizes of arrows
    • 4-in line stencil
  • Caution tape and rope
  • Empty pails
  • Air blower (handheld or backpack)
  • Steel broom
  • Pressure washer
  • Grinder and scarifier
  • Paint scraper

Forgetting a much needed tool or piece of equipment can set your crew back and delay a project deadline. Position your crew for success by keeping the tools they need to do the job in one centralized location in the trailer or truck, and if you run out, restock that product to keep your operation running smoothly.

Tool ideas submitted by members of the Pavement Marking Forum and the Line Striping/ Pavement Marking Facebook groups.