Growth Mindset, Crush the 2022 Pavement Maintenance Season

The Pavement Annual Product Showcase can help contractors determine which products and equipment to invest in to add to their lineup.

Jan Editorial

For many of you, the 2021 season has come to a close, however that doesn't always mean your work is finished. End of the year is the perfect time to reflect, mainly because you actually have a chance to take a breath, take a step away from the daily hustle and plan for the upcoming year and beyond.

As you evaluate your 2021 operation and plan for 2022, make sure to take a hard look at your business practices and equipment that helped you complete your jobs. National Pavement Expo, February 23-25 in Charlotte, NC, can help as many of the presenters are contractors who have been in your shoes, working through the kind of planning every company should be doing. Manufactures will be eager to show off their new technology and improved ways to help you complete jobs in less time, more efficiently and even with less labor.

But, that is still a few months away.

Start with this annual product showcase featuring equipment that is tried and true, some brand new by industry leading manufacturers. You alreadyPvmtdec know what was working (or not working) during the season. You know what equipment spent too much time in the shop or which equipment was weighing down the lineup, collecting dust. This issue provides a great starting point to replace that frustrating iron that was slowing productivity or causing quality issues.

Annual Product Showcase

Once you start to develop your future business plans, you will be thinking about the equipment, materials, tools and support you'll need to bring those plans to completion. Start browsing equipment in this issue and if something sparks your interest, simply enter the 8-digit code you see at the bottom of product description into the search box on our website to be taken directly to the product.

Our goal is to help you solve the issues that keep you up at night, while completing your jobs more efficiently.