Out With The Old, In With The New

A fond farewell to the old look, here is the new and improved looks of Pavement Magazine!

Resized Logo Base

As we bring in the new year, the classic, deep rooted Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine has gotten a few minor facelifts that we will be rolling out in this issue.

This is the magazine that has been passed down from generation to generation, hangs out on breakroom tables in the shop or proudly displayed in an office because that business just won Contactor of the Year. However, we as a brand are focusing on adapting to the changing digital times, making Pavement not only a quality print magazine but an all-encompassing brand that the future generations taking over their family business can continue to seek out and enjoy the content.

Pavement's January Issue

As you read through the January issue you will notice that the table of contents looks a bit different. It’s more condensed, easier to read with an online focus. We have updated the font used throughout the book, giving it a more modern touch with more space for the articles and a focus on larger photos and article graphics in every feature. You will also notice the “Just In” product page has a new name, The Product Lane where we will showcase a few products in every issue.

This fresh perspective was a collaboration effort between Editor-In-Chief, Jess Lombardo, Art Director April Van Etten and myself. Our goal has remained the same since day one, deliver quality content that you expect from Pavement, we are just giving the brand a more cohesive look with modernized touches.

Cheers to a New Year and new updated look. We hope you enjoy!