19 Tips for Late Season Pavement Maintenance

Late-season pavement maintenance is only profitable if it’s successful. Here are some tips to ensure your late-season jobs end in victory.

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As summer winds down, pavement maintenance contractors need to start shifting focus into late season pavement maintenance practices. No doubt you have new clients requesting services during this time frame. Or maybe you had jobs on the books that for one reason or another got pushed later and later.

Depending on the area of the country you work in, you may have different late season issues to deal with. For the most part, those issues won't mean pavement maintenance cannot be performed. However, there are some considerations and best practices pavement maintenance contractors should evaluate before accepting and performing late season maintenance.

Considerations include factors out of your control, like air temperature, daylight hours and ground temperature. Contractors should also consider jobsite factors they can control, like keeping it clean of fall season debris, scheduling for multiple days to accommodate less time on the jobsite and protecting materials from cooler temperatures. Finally, putting practices in place like waivers for late season work are important.

Download the 19 Tips for Late Season Pavement Maintenance infographic below to get some quick insight and helpful tips when it comes to pavement maintenance as the seasons start to cool down.