How to Lay out a Tennis Court

9 steps and you're ready to stripe.

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Almost all tennis courts are constructed north/south, and every tennis court layout starts from the net and works toward the court baseline. Make sure the center anchor, where the strap pulls the net down, is centered between the two net posts.

  1. Snap a chalk line (42 ft.) from net post to net post, through the center anchor.
  2. From the center anchor, along the line just snapped, measure 18 ft. toward each post; make a mark.
  3. From the east 18 ft. mark measure 39 ft. north toward the baseline of the court and mark an arc.
  4. From the opposite 18 ft. mark (on the west side of the court's center) measure 53 ft. 7/8 in. to the opposite (diagonal) corner; mark an arc. Connect the point where the arcs cross to the east 18 ft. mark on the line in the center of the court. This perpendicular line is the sideline of the singles court.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the west side of the court.

  6. Connect the two marks where the 53-ft. 7/8-in. measurements cross the 39 ft. lines. This is the end line, or baseline, of the court. You now have a box on half of the court.
  7. Measure 4 ft. 6 in. (inside of line) or 4 ft. 8 in. (outside of line) from both the baseline and center court line toward each post. Connect these points to create the doubles sideline and the doubles alley.
  8. On the north baseline, from the east singles sideline, measure 17 ft. 11 in. and 18 ft. 1 in. and mark both points. These marks create both sides of the 6-in. hash mark that indicates the center of the baseline for servers. Snap chalk lines perpendicular toward the net to create this mark.
  9. From the baseline measure 18 ft. along the east side singles court sideline toward the net center line. Make a mark and repeat on the west side of the court. Connect the two points across the court; this is the service line.
  10. From the east singles court sideline measure 13 ft. 5 in. along the service line toward the middle of the court. Make a mark, then measure 13 ft. 7 in. from the same point toward the middle and make a mark. This 2-in. difference will become the width of the center line dividing the two service boxes. Make the same measurements along the net center line (net location) and connect each to the service line. Half of the court is now ready to be taped and striped.

Repeat the entire process on the south side of the court.

Double check measurements and step back for a good look before applying paint.

Information provided by McConnell & Associates Corp., Kansas City, MO.